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Comic-Con/Cosplay Themed White T-Shirt - CUSTOMISED with your own image

Phoenix Giftware

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You’ve been to a comic-con and had a great time but what do you do with the photos you have taken of the day or of your brilliant cosplay? Do you leave them on your phone and never look at them again? What about that photo with your favourite celebrity which may have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Is it put in a drawer and forgotten about?
If so, we have the perfect solution! Preserve your favourite comic-con memories with our great range of personalised merchandise.
1. All images need to be supplied within 24 hours of ordering. If images are not received within this timeframe the order may be cancelled. To ensure orders are fulfilled in a timely manner it is not possible to send reminders.
2. Images need to be high quality (300dpi) supplied in jpg or png file format. We cannot accept responsibility for the quality of the finished product if small or poor quality images are supplied. If possible, please supply images sized to 204mm x 290mm or 290mm 204mm depending on whether the image is portrait or landscape. This is the maximum print area. We will reproduce the image in the proportions supplied by the buyer so the buyer may wish to crop the image for the best effect before supplying it.
PLEASE NOTE: Once a personalised product has been printed the order cannot be amended or cancelled. Personalised items cannot be returned or refunded.
IMPORTANT: All images used on our sample products, including those of celebrities, are for illustration purposes only. They are not intended for sale and no infringement of copyright or image rights are intended. Any products produced using celebrity images supplied by buyers are for personal use only and are not for resale. The buyer accepts all responsibility for images supplied to us.